2016 Chevrolet Volt

2016 Chevrolet Volt

The Electric Car Redefined


The Chevrolet Volt is powered by two electric motors that work in unison to help optimize efficiency and conserve electric charge while providing responsive power and torque. With a fully charged lithium-ion battery, Volt is capable of driving up to 85 kilometres. The second-generation Volt battery is 9.5 kg (20 lb.) lighter and holds more energy than the first-generation version.


With its all-new 1.5L direct-injected, high-efficiency generator, the Volt is the electric car with a backup plan. When the battery is depleted, Volt has the ability to generate additional electric power through a gas-powered generator — giving you the confidence to go as far as you want and eliminating the “range anxiety” common with other electric vehicles.


Form meets function in the the 2016 Volt. It starts with a sleek and sporty redesign that evolves the first-generation design. And with two unique trim models and multiple colour and wheel choices, it’s easy to create a Volt that matches your personality. Volt was redesigned inside and out to create a stunning vehicle that’s more intuitive to drive. Every aspect of the Volt has been boosted, from its aerodynamic enhancements to its improved technology, to create a better driving experience.


Visit Davis Chevrolet in Airdire, Alberta for a test drive in the all new, completely redesigned 2016 Chevrolet Volt. We have a very accessible location just north of Calgary, and if you want to test drive this electric car outside of the congested city, and see the advantages of an EV without the distraction of traffic, we can really let you see the potential efficiency of this vehicle!