Storing Tires Properly Can Extend Their Lifespan, Learn More Here

A photo of tires being stored properly.

Best Way to Store Winter/Spring Tires

When the seasons change, you should change your tires to match the current weather conditions. On paper, this is a pretty straightforward chore. However, now you have to do something with the out-of-season tires. So, what is the best way to store winter or spring tires? Simply stacking them in the corner isn’t good enough, and storing out-of-season tires takes up a lot of space. You can always take advantage of the Tire Hotel available at Davis Chevrolet. However, there are also some things you can do at home to store your extra set of tires properly. 

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Storing Mounted and Unmounted Tires Differently

Storing tires properly depends on if they are mounted on their own set of wheels or not. Our tire experts say that out-of-season tires mounted on rims should not be stacked like pancakes. Instead, they should be stored vertically and regularly rotated each month to prevent flat spots and other deformities from forming. If storage space is at a minimum, you can hang them from tire hooks to keep the tires off the ground.

Unmounted tires offer a few more options for storage. You can store tires without rims stacked like pancakes or vertically, though they should still be rotated monthly to avoid creating defects. Never hang unmounted tires from hooks. Doing so can cause the tires to sag and become misshapen. 

Do Tires Need to be Deflated for Storage?

Obviously, if you only have one set of rims or wheels and will be storing your tires unmounted, the issue of inflation is moot. However, if the tires are mounted going into storage for the season, you don’t need to deflate them. It’s more important that they are thoroughly cleaned and dry before putting them away.

How Does the Davis Chev Tire Hotel Work?

Davis Chevrolet is a full-service dealership. That includes taking care of your tire storage needs. Our tire storage service will ensure that your tires are kept in an environmentally controlled space, which is perfect for extending the life of your seasonal tires. Basic reservations start at under $100, excluding mounting and balancing. Some of the benefits of using our Tire Hotel include;

  • Frees up space at home
  • Keeps your hands clean
  • Eliminates lifting heavy tires
  • Next-day pick-up and delivery
  • Free alignment check
  • Free tires pressure sensor programming

If you have any questions regarding tires or storing them when they aren’t being used, make an appointment to speak with a Davis Chevrolet representative today.