How to Ensure Great Performance of Your Car’s Air Conditioning System

Cabin space of 2023 Buick Encore
With time the air conditioning system of your car starts to become less effective, making it challenging to keep up with the changing weather conditions. During the hot summer days, travelling without a properly functioning A/C can be exhaustive and uncomfortable for both the driver and passengers, which is why you need to keep in mind a few expert-recommended tips to ensure it remains in good condition in all seasons. Follow along to learn some practical and tested tips to maintain your car’s A/C from the experienced technicians at Davis Chevrolet Buick Ltd.

[End of Winter Season Maintenance Tips]

Top 5 Tips for Car A/C Maintenance

  1. Use the Defrost Mode: Running your vehicle’s air conditioning system for 10 minutes on defrost mode at the maximum fan speed and on the coolest setting keeps the compressor running for longer and maintains gas pressure. This also helps clean out moisture from the car and prevent mildew, dust and dirt particles buildup. 
  1. Replace or Clean the Air Filters: Include cleaning or replacing air and cabin air filters as part of your start- or end-of-season auto maintenance routine. Clean air filters ensure proper airflow in the cabin, promising top-level comfort and cozy space for everyone aboard.  
  1. Deep Clean Your Car: Always keep dust, dirt particles, debris and bacteria off your car by deep cleaning it, especially during the changing seasons. Make sure to vacuum the vehicle regularly, as this also adds to the life of air filters. 
  1. Look for any Leaks and Cracks: If your A/C is blowing warm air or making a clicking noise, there is a high chance there’s a leak in the air conditioning system; that needs to be fixed immediately. So, make sure you look for such signs to avoid last-minute hiccups. 
  1. Get an air conditioning service: Head to Davis Chevrolet Buick Ltd. to get your car’s air conditioning system checked by our team of expert technicians. Our knowledgeable technicians use the best practices and OEM manufacturers’ recommendations to carefully inspect the A/C system for signs of damage or leakage. They diligently work through the problem to get your vehicle’s A/C up and running. 

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