Davis Chevrolet Partners with ESSO to Promote Good Maintenance

A photo illustration showing an ESSO incentive.

Davis Chevrolet ESSO/Mobil Gift Card

Buying an automobile is a major financial commitment. People spend thousands of dollars and just as many hours getting the best deal for their money. It is so important to keep that vehicle running in the best condition possible. The most cost-effective way to do that is to keep up with regular maintenance. Our team begs and pleads with people to bring their automobiles to us for oil changes and the like; now, were resorting to bribery. You can get a $15 Esso/Mobil e-gift card with a qualifying service appointment at the Davis Chevrolet Service Department. Let’s take a look at some helpful information.

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What Can I Use an ESSO/Mobil Gift Card For?

We know that $15 isn’t going to help most people get a full tank of gas. We are trying to encourage positive vehicle maintenance habits while also helping to make filling up your tank or making other purchases a little more affordable. Davis Chev customers who make qualifying service appointments can get the ESSO/Mobil e-gift card to use for gas fill-ups (obviously) or almost anything else that is sold at the participating gas station.

Does it Matter Where You Get Gas?

Gasoline is gasoline, right? Well, yes and no. Modern formulations of gasoline are more than just fuel. Petroleum companies have developed additives that can actually keep a vehicle’s fuel system clean. It’s important to buy gas from reputable sources like Esso/Mobil stations. Lower-quality fuel can hasten the decline of your fuel system, leading to expensive repairs and/or shortened vehicle lifespans. 

If you’re worried about the amount of octane your vehicle needs, most consumer vehicles are designed to work with just about any amount of octane. High-performance vehicles, like sports cars, might need higher-octane gasoline to achieve desired performance. Using a lower-octane fuel could lead to lower power output and weakened overall efficiency.

Why is Regular Service Important?

General Motors builds some of the most reliable vehicles on the market today. However, that reliability doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Owners need to play their part by coming in for scheduled maintenance on time. Staying on top of oil changes, tire rotations, and more allows an expert to regularly look at your vehicle and catch small problems before they become major issues.

If you would like to learn more about the Esso/Mobil e-gift card offer, make an appointment with a the Davis Chevrolet Service Department today.