Should a New Car’s Engine be Broken In?

An engine showed under a vehicle's hood.

Do New Engines Still Need a Break-in Period?

There isn’t anything much more exciting than taking home a new car, truck, or SUV. Automobiles, in general, provide us with a unique kind of freedom and unlimited possibilities. It’s why we love our vehicles so much. However, when you take a new car home, it’s important to take it easy for a while to allow the engine to become properly conditioned. So, do new engines still need a break-in period? For the most part, yes. Follow along with some tips we gleaned from Davis Chevrolet service technicians while we help explain some important concepts.

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How Long Does it Take to Break-in an Engine?

There was a time when automotive engines needed extensive break-in periods lasting thousands of kilometres. It’s impossible for a manufacturer to know how long a vehicle will take to sell. Sitting still for long periods of time isn’t very good for a vehicle, and in the old days, it took a while for seals and other internal engine components to become conditioned for daily driving. Broadly speaking, a modern vehicle needs about 1,600 km worth of gentle driving to make sure the engine and the rest of the powertrain are ready to go.

Steps for Breaking in a New Engine

For the most part, breaking in a new vehicle’s engine is all about taking it easy for a while. Some of the best tips, include:

  • Don’t push the engine too hard with aggressive acceleration or hard braking
  • Keep the RPMs relatively low for the first 1,600 km.
  • Avoid short trips at all costs
  • Avoid towing, if possible

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Why is it Important to Break In an Engine?

Not enough people talk about the importance of breaking-in a new vehicle’s engine. Modern powertrains are incredibly complex machines, and the bulk of the work is now done by computers that adapt to a driver’s style. However, there are still a couple: 

  • The entire break-in process is designed to help the engine achieve better long-term performance.
  • A properly conditioned engine will also have a longer lifespan.
  • Prevents uneven wear in the cylinders and camshaft

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