End of Winter Season Auto Maintenance Tips

A technician inspecting a car
The air is finally starting to get warmer, meaning soon be the time to say goodbye to cold and snowy winter. This seasonal transition puts car owners to work, ensuring they pay attention to the end-of-winter season auto maintenance to get their car going for the spring and summer seasons. From inspecting your vehicle to checking the fluid levels, there are a few important things you need to keep in mind to enjoy stress-free driving in the oncoming hot months. Follow along to learn a few expert-recommended auto maintenance tips that you must follow to ensure your vehicle is ready for the spring and summer days. 

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Top 5 End-of-Season Auto Tips 

  1. Tires Rotation and Inspection: When you start to notice a consistent summer temperature — 7°C or above — you must swap back to your all-season or summer tires. Carefully inspect the tread wear to look for signs of wear or damage to fix the problem before going on the hot summer road surfaces. 
  1. Keep Up with the Fluid Levels: Winter is generally tough on your powertrain system, mainly because of moisture and winter salt buildup that can severely affect the vehicle’s functioning. So, take your time to check and refill the engine oil, coolant, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid and windshield wiper liquid to ensure a smoother and stress-free performance. 
  1. Check the Battery: Your car batteries work harder in winter because they tend to lose charge quickly in dropping temperatures. It also becomes prone to corrosion/rust due to moisture buildup, so you need to check it before spring or summer. Ensure the connections are clean and protected against corrosion or any other signs of damage.
  1. Change the Air Filters:  As part of your auto maintenance routine, make sure to check the air filters, as well as the cabin air filters, to see if they are ready for more miles on the road. 
  1. Spend Time with the Engine: Cold winter weather can damage the rubber hoses and belts of the engine. You must closely inspect engine belts for cracks, frays and loosening, and hoses for leaks and other signs of damage to replace them as required. 

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