Simple Tips to Improve Your Vehicle’s Fuel Economy

A stock photo of a person filling their car with gasoline.

How Can You Improve Fuel Economy?

Concerns over fluctuating gasoline prices aren’t going away anytime soon. Certainly, Chevrolet and GMC are developing electric vehicles to break our dependence on fossil fuels, but there are plenty of things drivers can do to lower fuel consumption. So, how can you improve fuel economy? The best thing you can do is keep your vehicle running smoothly by keeping up with scheduled maintenance. Many mechanical issues cause an increase in fuel usage. Beyond that, there are some simple everyday steps you can take to improve your vehicle’s fuel economy. Let’s take a closer look.

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Check Tire Pressure

Tires are a critical automotive component. Not only do they play a crucial role in steering and stopping the vehicle, but their effect on fuel economy cannot be overstated. This idea really comes to light when tires are underinflated. Most passenger vehicles are specifically designed to ride on tires that are filled with a specific amount of air. When the pressure in tires is too low, there is more tread contacting the road surface, and the engine has to work harder. This is what causes the increase in fuel consumption.

Keep Speed Steady

Highway driving requires higher speeds; that’s why we built them. However, with higher speeds, we see higher fuel consumption. Traveling at 100 km/h will raise fuel usage by 15 percent. Hitting 110 km/h increases that number to 25 percent. Most vehicles are designed to deliver the best fuel economy at around 90 km/h. Employing cruise control will help lock in a steady speed, helping your save fuel.

Avoid Traffic Jams

There are few worse things for fuel efficiency than stop-and-go traffic. Planning your commute or other trips to avoid high-traffic times will help you avoid bottlenecks. There are several free smartphone applications that can help you plan the most fuel-efficient route, avoiding traffic slowdowns, road construction and other problems.

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