How Long Do Summer Tires Last?

A car equipped with summer tires
We have officially entered the spring season, a perfect time to get out after lazy winter days and enjoy a relaxing drive with your friends and family. Spring is also the time when you need to look back at your sedan, pickup truck and/or SUV and prepare it for the oncoming summer day. From re-ensuring the proper functioning of the powertrain system to switching back to your all-season/summer tires, you must ensure that every element of your vehicle is in good condition. Buying new summer tires for the season is a common addition to most spring/summer maintenance checklists. While planning to buy new summer tires, many car owners often wonder how long the new set of summer tires will last. And if you’re among them, here’s what you need to know about summer tires expiration, as well as their importance. Take a look!

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Why Do You Need Summer Tires?

Summer tires provide improved handling on hot, dry asphalt while also promising optimum fuel efficiency in summer. The rubber compound formula they are built on provides stable and stiffer rides on summer road surfaces. Moreover, they also offer great flexibility for optimal traction and control in dry and wet road conditions. Summer tires also increase braking, cornering and responsiveness capabilities. 

What’s the Lifespan of Summer Tires? 

Summer tires typically last between 32000-64,000 kilometres, but this may vary depending on the weather conditions and individual driving habits. Properly maintained summer tires continue to deliver a promising performance for up to 96,000 kilometres. But there are many different signs to keep an eye out for, indicating tire replacement, which includes:

  • Looking at the DOT code to determine how old your car tires are. If they run for more than six to seven years, consider replacing them. 
  • Check the tread depth, and if it’s at or below 1.6 mm, have the tires replaced.
  • Aggressive vehicle use can damage the suspension or cause misalignment of tires that can affect tire wear. Moreover, hard cornering, sudden braking and quick acceleration can cause the tires to wear rapidly. 

Buy New Summer Tires at Davis Chevrolet 

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