Kosh Smaha Ready to Make His Own Way in Career

A photo of Kosh Smaha working at Davis Chvrolet.

Staff Spotlight: Kosh Smaha

Entering the job market is a lot for a young person. The world is filled with so many possibilities that picking any one direction seems like it’s cutting off other opportunities. That’s more or less how Davis Chevrolet Sales Manager Kosh Smaha found himself working at the dealership. The 22-year-old Airdrie resident started working in the service department doing oil changes in 2021 while in college before working his way up through the ranks. Oh, and he did all of this while dealing with everything that comes with having his father, Glenn Smaha, occupying the dealership’s Executive Manager position.

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“Originally, I graduated from high school, and I didn’t know what I was going to do. I wasn’t prepared for life,” Kosh said. “I asked my dad to help get me started.”
Glenn might have played a role in getting Kosh on the Davis Chev team, but the younger Smaha was determined to be his own person, chart his own path and work hard (and quickly) to dispel any myths about being the boss’s son.
“(There is) so much baggage (being the boss’s son),” Kosh said. “I had the stigma of being the boss’s son, and I (couldn’t) get fired. I wanted to make sure I did everything to the best of my ability to overcome that stigma.”
A mugshot of Kosh Smaha.

Kosh has risen quickly to sales manager, but his path to his current job title involved a little bit of everything that happens under the Davis Chev roof, giving him a unique insight into what happens in all phases of the dealership’s operations. 

“I did everything, which really helps me appreciate everyone and the inner workings of everything,” Kosh said. “It’s shed a different light on things and it’s made me a resource for other people. I’ve been through the struggle of working my up. I really appreciate (the opportunities).”

My Dream Car

A person’s dream vehicle is an interesting peek into their mind. Kosh’s dream car is interesting for several reasons, namely that it only recently became legal to own in Canada. The Nissan R34 GTR features right-hand drive, making it unique to see in traffic.

If you would like to meet with Kosh and see how he can help you, make an appointment with him at Davis Chevrolet in Airdrie today.