Why You Should Replace Your Car Battery in Spring?

Close up of a car battery
Spring is officially here, and now is the perfect time to prepare your spring car maintenance checklist. This is mainly because many elements of your car’s powertrain systems, including the battery, become susceptible to damage, replacement and/or repair during winter. Winter is generally hard on your vehicle battery because it typically loses about 35 percent of its strength at 0℃ and even more when the temperature drops below freezing. So to avoid major inconvenience during the spring or oncoming summer season, here’re a few expert-recommended signs to look out for to replace your battery just in time. 

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5 Signs for Car Battery Replacement 

  1. Struggle to start the vehicle: If your vehicle is continuously making a whirring sound or you’re having trouble starting it, this is a clear sign that you need to replace your car battery. Please note that your car may get started with the help of a jumper cable, but that doesn’t mean that your battery doesn’t need any attention; it may direct you to an underlying problem. Make sure to address it to avoid an unprecedented event. 
  1. Dim exterior and interior lights: An prominent sign that tells a battery is losing power will be dim exterior and interior lights. If you’re also experiencing low-powered headlights or flickering interior ambient lights get your vehicle battery tested immediately. 
  1. Electrical malfunctions: You may know that a vehicle battery is responsible for powering all of the electrical components — such as power doors and windows — of your sedan, SUV or pickup truck, but if they’re not as responsive as they should be, have your car battery tested as this is a common sign of a weak battery. 
  1. Hitting the gas pedal too often: Modern-day vehicles are fuel injected and don’t need throttle input to get started. But if you’re hitting the gas pedal too often to start your car, there must be some problem with the battery that needs your attention. 
  1. Corrosion or loose cables: Due to winter salt accumulation and excessive moisture in winter, your car batteries become susceptible to corrosion. In fact, battery cables also loosen as they expand and contract in fluctuating weather. Both these conditions can severely affect the functioning of your car battery. Hence, you look out for these signs and get them fixed at the start of spring. 

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