Thomas Hulsman Joins Davis Chev After Interesting Life Journey

Thomas Hulsman in his element at Davis Chevrolet.

Thomas Hulsman: Staff Spotlight

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the course of history for everyone. Davis Chevrolet Sales Manager Thomas Hulsman has certainly been on a journey since the world shut down four years ago. Huntsman came to Davis Chevrolet a little less than five years ago, beginning with a role as delivery coordinator before more recently becoming a sales manager. To say his path has been a winding one would be an understatement.

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“My first schooling is in coaching,” Hulsman said. “I did sports growing up, competing in biathlon, spending time on the U24 national team and competing overseas.”

Unfortunately, an injury cut his competition days short, and the affable Hulsman made the natural transition to coaching the sport he loves. Hulsman applied for the open position at Davis Chevrolet because of the uncertainty created by the pandemic, leaving working as a coach in doubt.

“I did manual labour for a while and hated that,” Hulsman said. “I applied for the delivery coordinator job and was eventually offered the opportunity to go to school for automotive management. Eventually, I became a sales manager.”

Thomas Hulsman in his office at Davis Chevrolet.

How could the skills Hulsman demonstrated during his biathlon career translate to helping Davis Chevrolet customers find the vehicles they need? He sums it all up in one word, ‘Perspective.’

“I think it gives me perspective,” Hulsman said. “Traveling as a kid gave me a perspective I wouldn’t have been able to see. It helps me understand people’s backgrounds. I have empathy; everyone has different stories and different views on the world.”

Life Outside the Dealership

Downtime isn’t in Hulsman’s vocabulary. When he isn’t working at Davis Chevrolet, he’s working with the next generation of Canadian biathlon athletes – even his vacation days are filled with travel to competitions and working with kids. However, that isn’t to say that he doesn’t know how to relax when the time is right.

“I’m getting into camping, and this year, I’m hoping to get into fly fishing,” Hulsman said. “I (also) ride a motorbike, and I’m getting into video games.”

My Dream Car(s)

There was a time when Hulsman was going to follow in his family’s footsteps and become a pilot, another journey that was derailed by the pandemic. While taking to the skies in control of an airplane isn’t in the cards, however, he still has a penchant for speed. Hulsman’s dream cars certainly have the ability to go very fast.

“I’m a huge McLaren and Formula One fan,” Hulsman said. “I’d love to have a (McLaren) 600LT or Senna.”

This was quickly followed by: “I really enjoy James Bond. I’d love an Aston Martin — a DB12 or DBS.”

You can hear all about Hulsman’s adventures, as well as what the latest Chevrolet, Buick and GMC models have to offer, when you visit the Davis Chevrolet showroom!