Don’t Skip the Car Wash During the Winter

A stock photo of a person washing their car.

When Should You Wash Your Car in the Winter?

Many people overlook the importance of keeping their vehicles as clean as possible. Not only does it feel good to drive around in a clean car, truck, or SUV, but by keeping it free of dirt and grime, owners can keep the vehicle driveable for longer by delaying salt damage. That is easy during the summer months, but what should you do in the coldest months? When should you wash your car in the winter? The team working in the Davis Chevrolet Service Department has a few tips you should consider. Let’s take a closer look at what they suggest.

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Wait For the Right Conditions

The plain reality of car care is that winter is tough on automobiles. If you notice salt and grime building up on your vehicle, you will want to wait until the temperature is above freezing. That means you might need to wait a few days to a few weeks for that. Also, if possible, pick the sunniest day of the week that is above freezing. That should prevent doors and door locks from freezing up in the cold weather.

What Kind of Car Wash is Best During Winter?

When the weather is nice, there isn’t anything quite as satisfying as hand-washing your car. However, during the winter, hand-washing a vehicle at home simply isn’t feasible. Most gas stations in our area have a car wash on their property. These can be exactly the tools you need to get that salt and grit off your vehicle. These automatic car washes come in two basic types:

  • Touchless — Uses high-pressure hot water and detergent to remove dirt, salt, and debris.
  • Soft Touch — In addition to high-pressure hot water and detergent, soft-touch car washes add soft brushes to the mix for more cleaning power.

Why Are Winter Car Washes Important?

The combination of salt, water, and metal is how rust is made. Left unchecked, rust will destroy a vehicle from the inside out, creating a potentially dangerous situation. Rust prevent is arguably the most important reason to keep a vehicle clean during the winter, but some others include:

  • Gets stubborn dirt off the windows and windshield
  • Help keep tires in good shape
  • Maintain resale value
  • Prevent salt from rubbing off on your clothes

If you ever have any questions about how to best take care of your vehicle, make an appointment with the Davis Chevrolet Service Department today.