Spring Is Coming! Watch Out for Potholes

Why Should You Avoid Potholes?

If you’ve been driving for a while, you know that potholes are a scourge. They are formed by the constant freezing and thawing of the water that seeps into the road surface. When there is snow on the ground, the holes can be filled and not pose much of a hazard. However, with warmer temperatures, potholes reveal themselves, and drivers need to be very careful. So, why should you avoid potholes? To put it simply, hitting a pothole too hard can cause a lot of damage. Let’s take a closer look at what can go wrong.

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Car Damage Caused By Potholes

The most common damage caused by hitting a pothole will be with the tires and wheels. Impacts can easily cause punctures to the tires and/or cracks or bends to the wheels. Either one will severely impact your vehicle’s handling profile. Some other systems vulnerable to damage from potholes include:

  • Suspension — Repeated pothole strikes will hasten the wear and tear on shock absorbers and struts, as well as broken joints. 
  • Undercarriage — Small hatchbacks and sedans often sit lower to the ground. This lack of ground clearance can cause damage to bumpers and more.
  • Exhaust — A broken exhaust system can lead to a lot of issues. A common cause of muffler or exhaust pipe damage is hitting potholes.

What If Potholes Are Unavoidable?

The best way to avoid damage caused by potholes is not to hit them. However, there are several circumstances where there is no way to avoid the inevitable. If you have no other option than to drive over a pothole, experts suggest slowing down as much as possible. Reducing speed and driving straight in and straight out of the pothole will go a long way toward reducing damage. 

Additionally, keeping tires properly inflated at all times is a good way to mitigate damage from hitting potholes.

If you have noticed some sudden rattles or have to turn your steering wheel to keep your vehicle straight, your car could be dealing with the consequences of hitting a pothole. Make an appointment with our service department to have it checked out today.