Davis Divas

cul·ture ˈkəlCHər/ noun: culture 1. the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively. "20th century popular culture" synonyms: the arts, the humanities, intellectual achievement; intellectual awareness, education, cultivation, enlightenment, good taste, refinement, polish, sophistication, "a man or woman of culture"

The automotive industry has been primarily a male dominated culture for centuries, which is why, as a woman, making a visit to the Service Lane can be a bit intimidating….Davis wants to change that for you.

Do you feel lost when you talk to a mechanic? Do you panic when something goes wrong with your car? Have you felt taken advantage of by a mechanic?

#DavisDivas isn’t just a club or your average ladies night…. it’s a culture! A Culture that is all about teaching Women how we can become empowered by taking care of our cars, and teaching about whats “Under the hood” AND… as women we know the best way to achieve that kind of empowerment is to get social. As women; some of our biggest obstacles in our lives have been decoded over good conversation with another woman, and a cup of coffee or glass of wine!

At Davis that culture is important to us. If its important to you also then get social with us!!!


Be a part of #DavisDivas, join in on the conversation using #DavisDivas! Join us for our signature Ladies Nights.

Jessica Jacobs, Davis Diva