The Davis Dog

Come On In And Let's Take A Selfie! #DavisDog


Davis Dealership Dog

Customer Hospitality

My name is Sala and I am the Davis Chevrolet Airdrie Dealership Dog! I'm a rescue from EJ Rescue right here in Airdrie and am quite the Sassy little girl, but very friendly! I'm a Chihuahua mix... my coworkers think part fruit bat! My job at the dealership is to make you smile! I'm not there all the time, I have other doggy things to do sometimes, but when I am I'll do my best to come welcome you! I love it when you humans come in and give me scratches behinds the ears and feed me a treat or two! I promise I won't jump up on you I just want to share some of my love with you.

Favorite Food: Cooked Broccoli!

Favorite Toy: Stuffed Santa Doll

Favorite Thing About My Job: Meeting lots of new friendly humans!

What I Do To Relax: Curl up with a good toy.

What I Do For Fun: Spending time in off leash parks and chasing the family cats!

How My Friends Describe Me: "Sala is a young dog with an old friendly soul. If you are ever in the store please do come by and say hello. She would love a cuddle!" - Jessica J