What Are the Benefits of Leasing from GM?

The lineup of new Buick, Chevrolet, and GMC vehicles available at Davis Chevrolet is simply incredible. Are you looking for a family-friendly SUV? We have them. Do you need one of the latest and most capable pickup trucks on the market? We have those, too. Are you waiting for the growing segment of electric vehicles to arrive? It’s almost time. Almost regardless of what someone is looking to take home, there is a good chance they will consider leasing it. Leasing is more popular than ever, and our team wants to help potential customers learn more about the benefits of leasing from General Motors at Davis Chevrolet.

5 Reasons to Lease Your Next Car at Davis Chevrolet

There are a lot of reasons that leasing has become so popular. For new leasing customers, this popular financing method is so popular because it allows people to have the latest GM vehicles that are equipped with the latest features and technology for a terrific monthly cost. Take a look at the five most popular reasons our customers lease their new vehicles.
Lower Payments:Lower Tax Burdens

Lower Payments/Lower Tax Burdens:

When a person makes a lease payment, they are paying for the natural depreciation of the vehicle. This also means they will be on the hook for paying less in new vehicle taxes because those are based on the value of the vehicle.
Warranty Protections

Warranty Protections:

Every new vehicle comes with some kind of warranty protection. In many cases, by leasing a car, truck, or SUV, you will be ready to turn the vehicle in to start a new one before the original manufacturer’s warranty runs out, all but eliminating having to worry about the cost of major mechanical repairs.
Newer Vehicles Sooner

Newer Vehicles Sooner:

Traditional financing requires a long commitment to the same platform. This may be ok for some people, but people taking out a lease will get behind the wheel of new vehicles on a much shorter timeline.
Get More Vehicle For Less

Get More Vehicle For Less:

Since the monthly lease payments of a lease are often lower than traditional financing, a Davis Chevrolet customer may be able to afford more vehicle features they want, with the kind of performance they want.
More Available Options

More Available Options:

When a lease is over, our customers have three options on what to do next. People with traditional loans have fewer and more laborious options. When a GM lease ends, Davis Chevrolet customers can:
  • Turn the vehicle in and start a new lease term.
  • Buy the vehicle they’ve been leasing.
  • Simply walk away.

Busting Outdated Leasing Myths

People have been more likely to consider leasing over the last few years. However, that doesn’t mean many potential customers are being held back because of outdated or objectively false information about leasing. Take a look at the top five myths people still believe about GM leasing and why those are false claims.
You Don’t Own a Leased Vehicle

You Don’t Own a Leased Vehicle:

Well, to be honest, someone who finances their vehicle through a bank loan doesn’t own their vehicle until the loan is paid off. Trading it in before the loan is complete can bring negative equity into the equation, so this argument quickly loses steam.
I Drive Too Much To Lease

I Drive Too Much To Lease:

By its very nature, leasing is a very flexible financial tool. There are ways to add more kilometres to a lease term. If someone has this concern, a Davis Chevrolet product expert can easily help them find a workable solution.
You Lose Vehicle Equity By Leasing

You Lose Vehicle Equity By Leasing:

It’s true. All new vehicles suffer a significant loss in value when they’re purchased. A person taking out a vehicle lease can build equity in themselves by essentially pocketing the difference between a lease payment and the monthly payment that comes with a traditional loan. Plus, when a lease is over, the customer doesn’t need to worry about trade-in value.
Only Business Get Lease Tax Breaks

Only Business Get Lease Tax Breaks:

Leasing gets a person in and out of a vehicle faster and at a lower monthly cost than traditional financing. Vehicle taxes are based on the vehicle’s value. A lease can save a customer about half the sales tax versus taking out a loan.
Lease Return Fees Are Unreasonable

Lease Return Fees Are Unreasonable:

This might be the easiest leasing myth to disprove. Most people will only have end-of-lease fees to pay if they grossly go over their allotted kilometre limit or if there is extensive wear and tear to deal with.

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In short, leasing is a fantastic way to enjoy the latest vehicles and features offered by the popular automakers represented at Davis Chevrolet. Make an appointment with us if you need more help considering your lease options, today.