How We Do Business

How we do business
As a recognized leader within our industry, we attribute our long-standing success to a strong commitment to community, our focus on the well being of our people, our high standards for customer service and a visionary approach to automotive sales and service.
Our five pillars of success

Over the course of our history, we have also participated in the Best Employers in Canada survey achieving the top tier every year.

We also draw upon the synergy with our parent organization, the Davis Automotive Group, whose mission statement reads as follows;

“Driven by relationships, we achieve market leading results. We care about the wellbeing of our people and the communities in which they reside. We are an employer of choice.”

Our Role in the Community

We view our role in the community as more of a corporate citizen than that of a business. We believe that we have woven Davis Chev into the fabric of Airdrie to a point wherein our name has become synonymous with “community”. We don’t say this out of ego rather that was our vision when we started!
While we would love to support everything, we can we understand we cannot. That said there is strength in numbers so we have also successfully challenged our competitors to get involved too. Due to the pandemic, we haven’t had our Supplies for Success test drive in 2020 or 2021 yet were successful in having Airdrie Dodge join us in raising funds through other means so that the program could continue. Similarly, we were able to get all three of our competitors to join us in raising funds for the local Lionesses, a collaboration of all four local dealerships that had never happened before. In 2020 we got involved in Giving Tuesday, the worlds largest generosity movement, and donate $10,000 each annually to our 5 core foundational chartities. For us, being a leader in our community sets an important example for other businesses and is part of the responsibility that accompanies the decision to be a leader. We do what we say and follow though until its completed.

Giving back where it counts

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It’s simple: we care deeply. We invite you to compare our commitment to the community with that of our competitors. We embrace the idea that our company serves a purpose in this world that goes beyond dollars and cents. Our dealership gives back to the community by always investing heavily in local charities and worthy causes. Historically, we’ve provided generous support to many charities including the Airdrie Meals on Wheels Society, the Boys and Girls Club of Airdrie, the Airdrie and District Victims Assistance Society, the Airdrie Food Bank, North Rockyview Community Links and numerous other local causes. Since 2012, local organizations have benefitted greatly from the willingness of Davis Chevrolet to give back to our community. Like we say “Davis in the community. Giving back where it counts!”

We are proactive in our approach to our community giving and have budgeted approximately $60,000 annually for the past several years so that we have the means to support when asked or where needed. Our first major contribution was $20,000 to ARRES when the fundraising for the twin arenas at Genesis Place and we haven’t looked back since.

While financial contributions are important, we believe its more important that our people be involved in what we support whenever they can. Over our history our team has volunteered, on their own time, with so many causes within the community such as the Buick Test Drive for Students program which raises monies for local schools, serving food and refreshments from our Davis Community BBQ at the Legacy Run to End Family Violence or our annual participation in Supplies for Success wherein we offer test drives to the public at Tower Lane Mall with a donation per drive going to the cause. You may have also seen #TeamDavis manning our booth at the Airdrie Pride Festival, serving drinks and clearing tables at the Rotary Lobster Boil or handing out swag at Movie in The Park. We are incredibly thankful, and proud, of our people as we couldn’t do all we do without them!