One Price. One Person. A New Buying Experience.

The 21st Century has delivered all kinds of changes to the automotive industry. Cars, trucks, and SUVs are more technologically advanced, and buyers are more technologically savvy. Davis Chevrolet is adopting a new vehicle-buying philosophy that is specifically designed to make shopping for a vehicle and taking it home as streamlined as possible. Potential buyers coming to the Davis Chevrolet showroom, in person or online, will see our best price, and they will work with one single point of contact throughout the entire buying process. We are calling this new program: One Price. One Person. Let’s take a closer look at what this means for you.

What Does “One Price. One Person.” Mean?

It’s very easy for someone to get overwhelmed during the car-buying process. Buying a car requires hours of work before someone even steps foot inside our showroom. When you meet with a Davis Chevrolet product expert, that person will be with you every step of the way. Even if you don’t choose to complete the sale that day, the original person who started your journey with you will be the one to help you complete it with a new vehicle.

Automotive pricing is an area that can seem needlessly confusing. There are monthly specials to consider, the occasional manufacturer’s rebate, among other considerations. Whether you’re looking at a particular vehicle’s price online or at the dealership, you’ll see our best price. No more worrying about trying to negotiate or missing out on available incentives. Financing often causes people the biggest headaches. Our team is committed to making everything as user-friendly as possible.

Why Shop For a New Vehicle at Davis Chevrolet?

There are certainly a lot of changes happening around Davis Chevrolet. However, a few crucial areas will never change, including a few key points that will further separate us from our competitors.
Close-up of grille of yellow Chevrolet SUV

Clear and Simple Up-Front Pricing

Our manufacturing partners almost always have some great financing and leasing incentives on the most popular models. Each new vehicle price you see shows the final price with eligible incentives applied. Being as transparent as possible is a major element of our customer-first approach.
Person smiling inside red car while sales person gives them car key

No Hidden Fees

Car dealerships charging hidden fees is so ridiculous that it’s become a common (if well-deserved) punchline. Davis Chevrolet has long since done away with things like handling, documentation, and admin fees, saving customers between $600 to $1,000.
Customer and sales person shaking hands

No Commissions

It’s impossible to help customers save money on the purchase of a vehicle if the sale results in a commission for the person selling it. Our team of product experts earn their pay through the number of vehicles sold each month in addition to customer satisfaction scores.
Close-up of black Goodyear tire

Vehicle Investment Protection

A new car, truck, or SUV is a major investment for our customers. Our team offers a full range of products that will protect owners from a range of catastrophes. Be sure to ask your single point of contact about GM protection plans, maintenance contracts, ceramic coatings and more.
Technician repairing under car

On-Going Service

Every new vehicle sold at Davis Chevrolet is built to last. However, these platforms still require regularly scheduled maintenance. The Davis Chevrolet Service Department is a fully GM-certified service facility that offers more than 20 service bays staffed by highly-trained professionals. We also have an Express Service that can handle oil changes and tire rotations in 30 minutes or less with no appointment necessary.

Davis Chevrolet’s 5 Pillars of Success

Delivering the kind of customer Davis Chevrolet works to provide doesn’t happen by magic. It takes a lot of hard work and introspection to analyze every interaction we have with customers, looking for ways to make the process better. Over the years, we have distilled our approach to world-class customer service into five primary elements.

  1. Customer First, Always!
  2. Have Urgency in All We Do
  3. Always be Promoting our Company Through Our Actions and Words
  4. Empower Our People to Own It and Make Things Right for Our Clients
  5. Seek Continuous Improvement, Be Better Everyday

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