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Ready to shop for your vehicle? Thanks to our handy online accessories finder tool, you don’t even have to leave the house, or our website, to explore the wide world of accessories for your Chevrolet, Buick or GMC. Click through to visit our online shopping portal, where all you have to do is select your year, model and trim of vehicle, then view all of the accessories available to you. Of course, if you’re one to prefer shopping in person, we gladly welcome you to stop by our dealership to shop with one of our Davis Chevrolet accessories experts.

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Accessorize Your Chevrolet, Buick or GMC

A Chevrolet, Buick or GMC that you drive off of our Davis Chevrolet lot is always a unique vehicle that showcases the best that GM can offer, but there’s so much more available that you can add on to truly improve the look, feel, performance, convenience and safety of your model. This is where accessories come in, allowing you to personalize your GM vehicle to your heart’s content, and our accessories department at Davis Chevrolet is fit to provide you with the latest and greatest, from lighting to running boards to tonneau covers to engines and more. These aren’t just any accessories, but genuine GM accessories you can trust, which have been specifically designed, fitted and tested to match your Chevrolet Buick or GMC. Read on to learn more about why genuine accessories are so important, browse some of our top accessories, and shop now, all from our website.

Why Choose Genuine GM Accessories?

There are many companies that provide accessories for your vehicles, but none know your GM vehicle better than GM. We provide certified, factory-approved genuine GM accessories, which were made specifically for your Chevrolet, Buick or GMC model. Whereas other aftermarket accessories are made with general specifications to fit as many different vehicles as possible, our genuine accessories were made with your specific model in mind. All of these accessories were designed, tested and fit to match perfectly with your GM, and to hold up well into the future. Your Chevrolet, Buick or GMC deserves the best to ensure it maintains its intended build fidelity, so make sure to only shop genuine accessories, at Davis Chevrolet.

Top Accessories at Davis Chevrolet

Maybe you know exactly what you’d like to accessorize on your vehicle, or maybe you want a little inspiration from what others have enjoyed on their GM. What follows are some of our top accessories and features on your vehicle that we can upgrade, accessorize and customize to meet your needs.
Overhead view of truck bed tonneau cover

Tonneau Covers:

Keep the contents in your truck bed secure thanks to a convenient tonneau cover. We offer many options, in different styles, like rolling, sliding and tri-fold.
Close-up of truck running board

Running Boards

Make hopping up into your truck even easier with a set of running boards. Not only are they convenient but also improve the styof of your vehicle. From 3-inch Nerfabars to powered retractable steps, we have a variety of options.
Silverado side view with a deflector

Deflectors & Ventvisors

Keep bugs and pesky road debris from damaging your vehicle with a deflector. Ventvisors let you keep your window open a crack and enjoy the weather. They also provide a stylish touch thanks to their smoked and chrome finishes available.
Close-up of vehicle suspension

Lift & Suspension

Whether you want to lift or lower your truck, our Davis Chevrolet accessories and customs department can serve your needs. Whether a typical 2- to 3-inch drop or a 7-inch lift, we can get your vehicle to the level you desire.
Close-up of Buick Avenir wheel


Sometimes the wheels that the OEM provides on your vehicle just don’t cut it for your needs. Whether you’re looking to deck out your lowered SUV or lifted pickup, we can provide options from 18-inch to 24-inch. Chrome, stainless, matte black and more, we can help make your vehicle a can’t-miss style icon.
Close-up of car headlight

Body Accessories

Truly set your GM vehicle apart from those on the road with body accessories like flares, bumpers, stainless rocker panels, chrome accents and more.
Close-up of a person's finger on a car air vent

Air Intake & Filters

Simply replacing your air filter can give you a horsepower boost, along with better fuel efficiency. An easier to clean one also helps to extend their lifespan.
Close-up of vehicle exhaust


Vehicles arrive out of the factory with only a moderate exhaust system, but at Davis Chevrolet, we can upgrade it for you with a different set of pipes and muffler to achieve that unmistakable muscle car growl.
Close-up of service technician inspecting a vehicle engine

Performance Engines

Typical engines usually have a 24-month, 80,000 km warranty, and no other high-performance manufacturers can match this warranty. Davis Chevrolet can provide you with serpentine systems, ECMs and wiring harnesses + GM performance upgrades on your vehicle.
Close-up of car interior lights


Stock lighting on your vehicle does the job, but can always be improved. Changing the lens bulb and more can disperse the light differently and provide better illumination.
Close-up of Silverado front grille


A different grille choice can give your vehicle a unique look, along with better protection. Keep your crucial engine parts safe, and protect from bugs.