Tire Hotel at Davis Chevrolet

When it’s time to change over your tires for the season, you’re left with a set of tires that need to be properly stored for the season, so that they’re protected and ready to perform again when the next season rolls around again. Whether you live in an apartment or condo and have limited space, to begin with, or just can’t spare the space in your garage or shed, we offer safe and secure tire storage here at Davis Chevrolet. Book an Appointment, today, at Davis Chevrolet to check your tires into our tire hotel, and explore all of the additional services that come with this offering.

Why Choose Us for Tire Storage?

There are many benefits that come with storing your seasonal tires at Davis Chevrolet.

  • Free up valuable space at home
  • Keep your hands clean and don’t deal with your dirty tires
  • Prevent yourself from any heavy lifting
  • Free alignment check
  • Free tire pressure sensor programming
  • Next day pick-up and deliver
  • Be first in line for seasonal tire changes

Tire Storage Pricing

Peace of mind is delivered through our convenient and cost-effective tire hotel at our Davis Chevrolet dealership, serving our customers in Airdrie, as well as Calgary and the surrounding areas. Basic reservations start at $85, excluding mount and balance seasonal tire swaps, and 6 months of winter tire storage, which is a must in our extended winter season here in Airdrie. Please contact us for full pricing information and more details pertaining to your specific tire set.

Store Your Tires at Davis Chevrolet Buick GMC

Take the burden off yourself, and store your tires here at Davis Chevrolet Buick GMC. We’re not only experts in helping customers shop for tires, along with servicing and repairing tires, but also maintaining tires in a proper storage environment that keeps them safe and in optimal condition to perform when you need them again next season. Book an appointment with us, today, and organize secure tire storage for your off-season tires.