Need cash now? Moving? Need to get out of payments? Estate clean up? Fleet Dispersal? Downsizing? Just don’t like the vehicle?


I really only need about 30-45 minutes of your time in total and there is zero cost you!
I've got you covered. All you need to bring in is a copy of your registration; leave the rest to me!
Once again, no worries on this as I look after it all for you.
You don't have to worry about dark public parking lots or strangers coming to your home to view and test-drive your vehicle. Our environment is safe and secure with no strangers; plus, never worry about cancellations. We always make our appointment times.
Cash is always great and usually not much to worry about, but what about personal cheques and bank drafts? There is a lot of phony/ fraudulent bank drafts around today. Here you don't have to worry, we are licensed, bonded and really easy to find!
I have you covered there as well! I buy them, even though I don’t sell them and I’ll give you a guaranteed cash value in return. Now you can shop anywhere you like and know the true cash value of your unit. If you do find something you like and decide to change vehicles, I’ll buy from the dealer you traded it in at. No problems and no worries. I will also show you how you can leverage an extra 5-10% on the cash value of your trade.
Very simple! Just contact myself and we will make arrangements to do a market analysis of your vehicle where we take photos and go over vehicle specs and information. Then, I send that information to all of our partnered buyers to get you the maximum cash value for your vehicle. The best thing is, we can do it all here at the dealership OR I can come to you!
Here is where I make it really easy for you, We do the lien search and pay off your current bank obligation, extra money gets paid to you and we have a documented paper trail for your records.
How does same day or next day sound? The process can take up to 24 hours; we can even arrange for a ride to take you home or to your next stop!
The Davis Auto Group is comprised of 11 different dealerships consisting of varying brands. In some cases, your vehicle would go to fill an inventory need in one of our many stores. We may also export the vehicle to any one of many US buyers which cover up to 6 US States provided it is compliant.
All of the above in short , but in quickly stated... its quick and hassle free...it’s easy...its safe ...you get exposure to a huge market of legitimate buyers in both your market area as well as outside you market area in the US where applicable, allowing us to leverage the strong US dollar versus the Canadian dollar. This means more money for you!
Many of today's loans once paid out have what I call rebateables...this means you could be entitled to some extra money coming back to you! I make sure I check that for you each and every time and show you how to get the money you may be entitled to.

There are a lot of reasons you may want to get rid of your vehicle. It will be the easiest “Goodbye” ever.